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to a truly frightening vampire weekend away in a gothic Transylvanian-style mansion tucked away in Northern Dallas!

Our Amenities


Themed Rooms

Whether its the Dracula Deluxe suite, the Vampira suite, or the Bram Stoker suite each and every one of our guests receives a unique experience at the Hotel Carmilla and our employees are here to make sure of it. 

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Resturants & Stores

Dine-in at our very own hotel restaurant Bloodsuckers™ and let Chef Iva Borisnova wow you with her award winning talent. Or stop by Transylvanian Treats and see what all our gift shop has to offer. 


Event Venues

Reserve Elvira Hall for all of your family/ celebratory events. Whether its a goth themed wedding or an Addams Family reunion, our venue has everything you could possibly need to throw a killer party.


Upcoming Events...

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